storGUARD™ Complete Kits

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storGUARD™ Complete Kits
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storGUARD™ Large Cage
The strorGUARD™ Large Cage is 3880wx3880dx2325h in 50x50 aperture
storGUARD™ Medium Cage
The storGUARD™ Medium Cage 2610wx2610dx2325h and in 50x50 mesh aperture
storGUARD™ Mini Cage
The storGUARD™ Mini Cage is 1200wx1200dx2325h in a 50x50 mesh aperture.
storGUARD™ Small Cage
The storGUARD™ Small Cage is 1200wx2470dx2325h in a 50x50 aperture

storGUARD™ complete kits have been created based on regularly purchased sizes of mesh cages for use as extra security in warehouse and factory spaces.

Our storGUARD™ partitions and cages are created with framed panels which provides strength and rigidity to for long-lasting warehouse security. Made from welded wire mesh, each panel is supported by sturdy steel posts which bolt directly to the floor.

Your kit will include all the fixtures and fittings that you need to assemble your cage apart from the tools and a padlock.

All aspects of the storGUARD™ will be finished in powder coating RAL7042 (traffic grey)